Airbrushed some spoons, got dimples?



Hey everybody,

Sorry for the elementary question here... I plan to airbrush my first Gundam Model Kit, and decided to do a test run on some spoons. I painted 8 different colors on separate spoons, and noticed an issue with the one I painted white (which happened to be the first spoon I attempted).

My best shot at describing the issue would be to call it... dimples?

Here are some pictures of the spoon, I apologize for my blurry picture taking. If it matters, the steps I took for airbrushing the spoons were:

  • Everything airbrushed at ~18psi

  • Apply first medium coat of Alclad Grey Primer (Lacquer)

  • Allow to dry ~4hrs

  • Apply second medium coat of Alclad Grey Primer (Lacquer)

  • Allow to Dry ~24hrs

  • Apply Mr.Color Paint(Lacquer) thinned with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner at 1:1.5 to spoon
That's pretty much all I did. If there's any additional details I can provide that might help somebody diagnose my issue, please just let me know :)
did you scruff and de grease the spoons before paint ?

I did not :eek:ops:

I do plan to clean my kit pieces before airbrushing them, but figured I would not have to with spoons? My complete assumption being that spoons wouldn't have the injection mold residue that kit pieces would, thus not needing a cleaning before hand.

I also was not aware that one should give kit pieces a few passes with some sandpaper before primering (im guessing that's what scruffing means) :eek:
from what I see the dimples are cause by grease and yes by scruffing I mean licht sanding with 600 grid or with black scotch brite pad , and clean it with a de greaser
All plastic has some form of release agent on it . Depending on it end use will be the factor on just what type.
Model have more oil based release agent on them which is why you really want to make sure you clean the parts well prior to painting.
Here is a great link to help you figure out which plastic you are dealing with
Yup, that looks like a grease issue... degrease first... :) For something like a plastic spoon, a scrub with scotchbrite and water should do.
Feel it, I would say likely the same but it could be also a slight melting, but hard to tell, my screen is dirty and had trouble even seeing em :) You may not feel the depression as such but using a laquer on a plastic spoon is maybe not the base I'd use (Not sure but I assume just showpieces and if so would prep a bit different myself) Often with the airbrush or inherent with the laquer itself it sometimes contains small lumps of pure chemical fun, tiny to us but when a clump of laquer or its agents sits in one place a chemical heating could take place as stuffs gassing off etc (being the spoons pretty thin), could be grease or oil as all manufactured plastics are basically made from grease and oil LOL but could also be the laquer and a chemical melting effect...not sure without really seeing it in good light with a magnyfying loupe but just having a stab..If it keeps happening consider a diff prep.
Just the oil on your hands can do that,It happens sometimes when you spray to much paint at one time,try a few light dusting ,let it dry ,then a med. Coat and see if you get the dimples
Awesome, thank you for all the advice guys :eek:

I'll take all of this in and try another run at a spoon with white paint later this week.
I sprayed paint on my hands and didn't get dimples... ROFL!!
It looks like grease or silicone issue to me,there is an addative but normally a good clean with warm soapy water will suffice.