Party Boy UK Style
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Hi All. I've bought a few paints and additives from this site and they're a great bunch of people. I found that the price of their Airbrushes isn't that great, I found my Eclipse CS a fair bit cheaper on another site with hardly any searching. But the price of their paint is pretty decent. I felt the need to review as there aren't many Airbrush stores in the South of the UK and thought others might find it useful. They're a family run business with an interesting history in Airbrushing. The story is on the "Info" tab on their site. The obviously take orders over the web, but you can stop in the place to buy too. I've done both and found them to be really nice people. They have a decent size warehouse that you can walk round and dribble over all the fantastic Airbrush gear they have in LOL.
So in summary: Good delivery times, brick and mortar location, nice people and a great range of products. Only downside is the Airbrushes are a bit pricey! Other than that I'd recommend them.