Airbrushing a BBQ smoker...


Adam T.

Hello friends!! I have been asked by a good friend of mine to airbrush his bbq smoker he uses in competitions. Since all of my work thus far has been on paper, canvas, and wood, and generally kept indoors, I have a few questions about this project. I have always used Wicked paints. Will the Wicked paint stand up to the 300 degree operating temp of the smoker, and will it stand up to the elements of the outdoors? Is there any special steps I should take in the prep work? Will I need to put on some sort of final coat of some sort or will just paint be sufficient? Thank you in advance for any answers and advice!!!
I have no idea I'm afraid, I know you can get special paints for engines, which are made to withstand heat, not sure about 300 degrees though, but you may(????) be able to use it as a base colour. Wicked hold up well outdoors in that it is lightfast, but it would need to be cleared, and I'm not sure whether it would handle that amount of heat. Maybe you could do a test area??
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