Airbrushing blonde hair on paper..



Hey forum!
Was hoping you could help me finish my beginner piece.

Im painting on regular printer paper, A4, 100g, with com-art. I have an olympos micron (which i find a bit sketchy to work with because i feel like the paint doesnt flow equally at the same trigger intensity from one time to the next which makes it hard to control), and an iwata hi-line.

Im wondering how i can go about doing the hair on this picture as scraping with the fiberglass pencil or xacto doesnt give the effect abtutor gets on the foamcore board in the lecture.

I know i need to work on my control as pretty much all the parts got too dark, hehe

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I would recommend you practice more with your dots, lines and daggers to get more confidence with your control if your worried in that respect.

As far as paper goes it's not the best medium for using any kind of subtraction techniques, you need something more rigid.

However since you started on paper you could try spraying through a hairy brush or pieces of wire with the insulation stripped off, bear in mind that when you want to create blond or light hair textures your goal is to paint the shadows and darker areas between the strands and the hair will usually take care of itself.

Don't worry if you mess up, we all did it and some of us even still do, simply learn from any mistakes you make and apply what you learned to your next attempt, it's all about practice, all of Mitch's tutorials are designed to force you into applying all things you learned in earlier tuts.

This is looking pretty good so far so your control is better than you think but try more thinning to hold you back and allow you to build up more slowly or at your own comfortable pace I should say, light layers is the key.
Paper, regardless of the GSM rating, is by it's very nature, an absorbant material and therefore soaks up any liquid it comes into contact with.
This fact alone makes erasing / scratching a very difficult prospect to begin with.
Therefore, it should be apparent from the start that you require another method to produce the effect you wish.
In this case, it will mean adding layers of colour over a trans base that has dried, and then erasing or scratching back down to it, to create the strands.
If I might suggest something here, I'd go to a low-cost store and buy a fake hair extension to spray through it.
First, shade in your darker zones, then lay bits of the extension over the top and spray your tones through to make the base.
You'll get the idea when you see the first pass come through it.
Here in Australia I can get one for a couple of dollars, and they're made of nylon, so I can wash any overspray out of it when I'm done using it!
Hope this info helps you out. S.:):thumbsup: