Airbrushing booth


Gigi bacala

Hi everyone I'm pretty new here but I am very glad I found out this site I have a couple questions I started out by airbrushing my own fishing lures but since then I've gone from a few lures to painting a lot so one day over the Christmas holidays I decided my painting area a corner in my bas ement was pretty dusty I also noticed the furnace filter was pretty dirty so Ive been going nuts trying to figure out how to build either a vented paint booth or some sort of filtration system I'm only useing acrylics but looking into buying an exhaust fan I would need a sealed motor fan or explosion proof and they cost a small fortune and no one in my area sells them does anyone have any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate it
Thank you
Amazon (and other similar sites) have a selection of mini extraction/booth set ups that you can look at. Modellers often use them.