Airbrushing Denim texture

I have seen many texture vids but never denim, but you might want to check with our own "squishy" she has a vid on textures maybe she could help ya.
How big/detailed is the pic you want to paint scratch? I've only ever done a denim-ish look once on this pic, and that was more a suggestion of denim as it was just a quickie on a little canvas (a bit bigger than A5 and smaller than A5) and I didn't have a smooth surface to work on. I don't know of a good method, but if is not close up detailed denim, then I would go for something suggestive that gives the impression of denim, maybe use a scotchbrite as you would if doing brushed metal if it's a smooth surface, which is what I would have preferred to do. If you need real detail, then maybe paint your base colour and use an electric eraser sharpened to a point to create that kind of line texture, or maybe a scalpel remembering to follow any folds etc in the material, then blow a light layer of the base colour over the top to bring it all together. That's all I have I'm afraid.


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I struggled with Denim and cloth.. the nearest I got was the shirt in the attached Old Man Picture. I sprayed through a sheet of 'comfort' fabric conditioner then went over with very fine erased lines in the direction of the the cloth..

if your real good you can actualy use a krome or micron or infinity or what ever fine detail gun you have and stary doing lines in the direction of the grain in the fabric you just have to do each line right along the previous line to give the fabric look of denim its possible to do
Thanks a lot guys, it looks like there is really only one way and that is the hard way!!!

Do not know if my skills will allow it yet.


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Not the best pic, but here's a monochrome, and colour version on the same piece. Done as airbrushferret said, LOTS of fine lines...............

theres a lot of talent on this forum and my point is if you own a micron or at least a kroome velocity ifinity or any air brush with a .2 or finer stup you should have no problem pulling fine lines you can rest your finger or palm on your work to steady your self and if you can draw lines together you can air brush lines close together . its hard with both hands off the work but i manage resting on my art work when ding fire detail
I should post a picture of what im talking about but i dont feel like painting any more until im free its exactly what air born did ... nice work man
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