Airbrushing on brick.



Hi all. I am painting murals on a brick surface for a commission and would like to know what paint to use! The wall is going to be rolled and I will be laying down base coats of figures in Montana spray paint and then doing fine details with an airbrush. I am wondering as to what the best (cheapest and quickest) paint there is. The walls are indoors so I am not too worried about fading and weathering. I am mainly a graffiti artist and spray paint is my medium so I am used to using opaque paint. I want to know which paints will work best with my airbrush (badger 100 side feed medium ) and if they will react with the spray paint. Thanks!
I've used Wicked colors by Createx on my wall, and its held up for years. Any water based paint should be fine , actually. You can take a coat of primer and lay that down first, that would ensure that your lighter airbrush colors dont get lost over the Montana, which is typically a bright spray paint. On a side note , if you are planning on using your airbrush for the sparkles on your letters, i would use killz, paint it with a fine paint brush with a straight edge.
yup i agree, wicked is a great paint and holds up really well on all surfaces, its also relatively cheap comapred to some more specialist paints such as etac...