Airbrushing on Clear Coat

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So, personally I would prefer to stay away from urathane automotive clear coats in fear from damage to my lungs. Are there any water based clear coats that you can spray through an airbrush? (preferably high gloss) (2k)
For the most part an airbrush is not a good choice for spraying clear being it puts out a round pattern and can make for a heavy build .
mini spray guys work better for this.
As far as a durable clear water based ,, Not really no. Even Autoair uses a urethane clear to protect it. But just get a good spray mask to wear while you are painting (ANYTHING to include waterbased) why what is the human body mainly water so always wear a mask when dealing with anything airbrone
A 2k clear is going to be bad for your health. Most 1k clears are as safe as urethanes. It's the iso's that are bad. When I clear I wear a forced air face mask and allow that area to ventilate well before I go in with out a mask. For regularly urethanes I just wear a carbon filtered paint mask. Liquidtex sells a varnish that is water based and waterproof when dry. Not sure what you want to clear but I have used it over wood with good results.