Airbrushing on Fabric



I'm guessing water based would be a mistake due to washing the fabric, so is there a special "fabric" airbrush paint? I have asked at the local art supplies retail store and they couldn't help.
Createx is designed for textiles. It's a waterbased paint but you heat set it with the iron
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Thank you for your help, I can't source this paint in New Zealand, I will see what I can do via ebay or other on line suppliers. here in Aust ships to NZ. Be aware the prices don't include gst that is added at checkout. Best online prices I've found so far
What @JackEb said. Good places for airbursh stuff in NZ are the French Art shop or Gordon and Harris. Parts best from overseas. What sort of thing are you going to paint?
I like doing portraits so far. I just searched the art shops in NZ and neither stock createx. I was kinda wanting to paint jeans
Yes when it comes to airbrushing we are a bit of a back water. I've been painting for about 9 months now and have most of my suppliers sorted but still a few things that are hard to get!!
Nver come across these guys byut they might be worth a look
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National Art Supplies41-43 Neilson Street
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I'm guessing water based would be a mistake due to washing the fabric, so is there a special "fabric" airbrush paint? I have asked at the local art supplies retail store and they couldn't help.
Hi, if you look at my 'trying t-shirts part1 ,2 and 3 you will see I use the etac private stock paint and try my best to explain the process :)
As most of us have started out with Createx - not all, I might add - it says on the literature that goes with it that it is a fabric, water-based paint.
It also requires a much higher air pressure than you'd normally use for anything else - around 50-60 psi.
This pressure blasts the paint into the fabric and the heat setting makes it stay put.
The other, and probably more convenient, way of doing this is with a heat gun.
These you'll find in most larger hardware stores.
Apply the paint, as you normally would, but pass over it a couple of times with the heat gun, after each colour is applied.
Then one final pass at the end.
This should see you right, even on the denim.:thumbsup:
Main thing on painting fabric that will be wore is heat setting the paint and most will put a transparent base coat over the final piece.
Standard Createx is design for a .50 nozzle at 60PSI to force the color through the fabric.
The Wicked line of Createx may also be used on Fabric. You can get by with a smaller nozzle size with it.
But Cold wash , Hang dry the paint job will last a long time.
Trident paints are suitable for fabrics. Just look it up on Ebay. Cheers.
I pretty much exclusively airbrush on canvas (Raw) and Createx paint holds up the best i have found yet. I used to use ComArt and its fine but for anything you are going to wash, forget it. I also use straight acrylic paint from a hobby shop as well. You can heat set a multitude of ways. Iron, Oven (low temp), and clothes dryer. Also, you can visit a dry cleaners and have them press it. I seldom heat press anything because i generally paint wall art on canvases but I've done some washing experiments and Createx hold up better than anything else i have used. I also sprayed a dish towel last week to test and before i washed it, i used a heat gun and then coated the whole piece in Transparent base. It held up better. It will stiffen your clothes though if applied too thick. It's basically trial and error. Take an old pair of jeans and spray some test areas and mark the results and fine tune from there. Spectra-Tex is another common textile paint that MANY pros use. I have not ever used it. YET. :)
Thank you Bodyworx, I have not tried any fabrics yet, I do want to though. It is beginning to sound complicated. I will have a play soon