Airbrushing with ppg deltron automotive basecoat


mak refinishers

Hey guys! Was just wondering if anyones had much experience with ppg's solvent borne deltron basecoat? And if so what would be a good thinning ratio to run through an airbrush? Its standard mix for running through a spray gun is 1 part paint to 1 part reducer! Alot of airbrushers have raved about the smoothness and quality of this paint but i cant seem to find a good rule of thumb for reducing with airbrush use! Any ppg deltron airbrushing gurus with the secret ratio out there hahaha :)
I have used it and I just thin it till it flows basically. But you run a fine line of going too thin and compromising coverage. Just have a play around til you find what works for you I guess...
Sorry that was as helpful as you hoped lol
Haha yeah ive got to start keeping a record of how im thinning it! Ive got the flow good sometimes, but have found that fine line from just right to runs haha! Its amazing to use when i get the ratio right though LOL! Thanks heaps
Right im giving my mixtures a trial tomorrow! First mix 1 part d789 jet black to 1 part d807 medium reducer! If its too thick il try 1 part paint to 2 parts reducer! Im running it through an iwata hpc plus with a .3 tip il let you know when i find my golden ratio
Yeah mate worked awesome 2 parts reducer to 1 part paint :)