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Unfortunately they don't ship, but I wanted to mention them anyways. They're in Red Deer, Alberta in Canada.

I discovered I had no Cleaner and went looking online for pricing and sizes and such before calling them. Found a bottle of Createx 8oz for around $26 including shipping. AAAD was out, but I asked what size their biggest bottle was that they could order in and how much. Their lady in charge of ordering was busy at the time but she did get back to me. 32oz bottle approximately $25.

Damn right I'm excited. She's going to give me a call when it comes in.
Not sure if you're brand loyal, iwata cleaner is about 1/2 the price of createx most places eg. I got a 32oz for $13 vs the $25ish for createx just an FYI. I use both brands but im a little stingy when using createx hah
Not so much brand loyalty as much as having cleaning problems and being brand new at this!
Bucket of warm water next to area helps too, you can stick the front and submerge the cup on an angle/straight down then go full bore along with covering the cap with finger and backpressure at full power and not splattering it all over.
Grab a tattoo artist bottle as well makes it really easy to add cleaner/water in cup without making a mess. Createx lids are just evil when the bottle isn't inverted
Fair enough. No need to ask any more questions. I know you're going to order the proper stuff now then.