Alcohol based paint on wood?



Im really new to airbrushing but have been producing woodturned objects for a while.
Can I choose to use alcohol based paints? Whats the advantage and what manufacturer is recommended?
(Ive tried acrylic with pretty high satisfaction). Wher can these be bought online?
Hmm seems I just researched this for my neighbor .
had a nice read here:

With out fist sealing the wood grain any paint will have the effect of the old white wash unless that is the look you are going for.
While I have used candy colors to put on graphics on wood then used 2 k clear to seal it all in.

I think alcohol based paint would absorb into the wood grain and bleed the colors .
But Being I have not tried alcohol based paints on wood grain I am not sure of that with out testing it on different types of wood.

But now how about an nice introduction ? you can find that section here
it will help us let you know venders in your area and may help you find others who have more knowledge on straight wood painting then I do.
Thanks Mr.M. I added an intro, read the surface prep (not much new for me there) and sent a quick question to the BrushDoc.
Your concern for bleeding may be an issue indeed. Good thought. Maybe better to perform over a clear sealer.
Anyone here use the alcohol based paints and can recommend a vendor to achieve the candy effect? Again, looking to buy online being outside the US.
I have used AutoAir Candy on wood , But I have never messed with alcohol based paints on wood .
But I am interested in what you do find out .