Alcohol question for reducer/cleaner


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I see a lot of comments about using alcohol in home made reducer/cleaners. My question is: what (if any) is the difference between Isophryl alcohol and denatured? Just curious - I have both types.
One you mix orange juice with the other in a blender with ice triple sec. J/k :)
good question though. Never used the isopropyl stuff. I do know that denatured says not to get on your skin but isopropyl is used in the medical field. Might be just that. Also denatured is cheaper. Dunno. Now I'm curios as well.
Hi there just a quick one. Isopropanol (Rubbing Alcohol) is organic solvent i havent got the tds at the moment.but it does disolve oils. so if used in air guns and brushes, the oil lube from Awata will be ok as it has a high Glycerine content but as some people have said on the forums they use types of oil the lube there gun then this stuff when added to the reducer will eat any oil it comes in contact with if it was put in neat or to much in your recipe. so you would have to lube more. That aside Isopropanol it is produced by hydrogenating Acetone. and gets thicker if the temperature drops below 70 and will end up like syrup if very cold so i read. it may altor you paint thinning in that case. the Denatured Alcohol, is an industrial meth,s, usually with an added wood naphtha so its not usually pure its normally 70% but there are 99% out there.I find this better to use for lots more apps. in the UK you need to fill out a sheet from the customs and exise so you can buy it.. this has ethyl Alcohol in it and is great as a cleaner there is the methylated spirits as well but it has a blue dye added to it so you cant drink it and the methanol added to it makes it a dangerous drink ;) i use it in some things i do. phil
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use denatured it works. iso dries everything,out including seals Homemade Reducer this Is the original. But if you are doing anything important use the reducer made for the paint you are using.. the homemade without the glycerin makes a great cleaner.
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