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All that glitters is not gold!

Discussion in 'Airbrush Paints' started by Woodpecker, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Jul 7, 2014
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    Or is it?

    I was in my local pound shop today and noticed a few glittery items. Being the type to try almost anything, I picked out 3 items to try out at home through my brush.

    A packet of gold glitter
    A tube of nail varnish blue glitter
    A tube of purple/mauve glitter

    Total cost 4 euro.50 cent

    Tried the gold through my airbrush.......nope, too big flakes. So I remembered I had bought a small spray gun years ago, got it for doing the odd pinstriping, but never used it. Got it off ebay for around 10 notes.
    Time to get it out and give it a go.

    I picked on Rhyton as my test subject, he shows paint well thanks to the shape.

    I mixed up a small amount of 2k clear and dropped a few gold flakes into it. The first pic of rhyton shows the outcome.

    Without letting the clear harden on rhyton, I mixed up the blue nail varnish with some more 2k clear and put it on. I was impressed with this colour, quite fine flakes, lays well, and got a good glitter from it. I show 2 pics of him in blue.

    The last one is the purple/mauve/or whatever colour it is. Again, larger flakes like the gold. I mixed up some the same as the rest......but didn't mix enough to get a good coverage. Still, you can see the effect.
    So the last pic of rhyton has all 3 colours on him......bit of a mix and match, but you get the picture.

    Final thoughts?
    If you want a glittery effect in multiple or single colours, and want the complete item covered first, and do not want to pay ott prices for airbrush flakes, do as I have shown. The finish is just as good, and the effects you can buy in nail varnish is just as great as airbrush flakes.......and you get quite a bit for your pound/euro/dollar note/coin.

    Last pics are of the gun I used.

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