Amazing talents



I am so amazed over all the talent in this forum. Happy to be apart of this family. Haven't properly introduced myself to you guys yet. My name is Linda-Marie, I'm from Sweden and completely new to airbrushing but already hooked for life. I've been drawing for most of my life though, so I have an artistic side to me. Bought my airbrush in December of 2012 and did a lot of dots and dagger practice and watched hundreds of youtube clips about the artform before attempting anything figurative. I hope to reach the talent that I've noticed all over this forum some day. Just needed to tell you guys that MAN you are incredibly talented!! //Love Linda-Marie
Thanks Lindie-Marie - I cant say I am very talented (yet :) ) but i agree with you - This is a great bunch off people with great talent and I look forward to learning a lot from being here
Welcome to the forum from the US

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Welcome home Lindie-Marie,it is nice to add you to the family ,
this is a great place to hang out and learn.
A warm welcome from the UK Linda-Marie. Hope you enjoy your time here just as much as I have.
Welcome to the forum. They are great aren't they. One big happy talented family on here.

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Hi, Linda from the uk. You're right there are some amazing artists here, and with all the help and info around this place, you'll soon be one of them!
Hi Linda-Marie, welcome aboard from Calgary. You'll find the members here are exceptional and are not afraid to share their knowledge.
Welcome, I joined at Xmas , this is a great forum and helped my confidence no end with lots of help and support. People here are always willing to answer questions no matter how daft the question may seem, believe me I have asked a few :)
Welcome to the forum. You will be surprised at how fast your talent will grow. The talented artists on this site are open to share and I cant believe how much I have learned in the time I have been on this forum. Great place to learn and grow...
i´ve seen your work and the work of other people here and i feel incredibly inspired,it makes me...feel to draw,paint,airbrush continuosly almost is a beautiful place this one,welcome from honduras