An Oh so close Badger 100IL


Airbush Analyst
I received this 100IL as part of a gift box from Badger (post on off topics) - The brush itself appears to have been unused, but the deteriorating foam of the case ruined the plating. I will ponder if I should re-plate the brush, or perhaps use the head and internals on another body of @ the same vintage. I would re-plate it, but this is one that has a foil sticker on the body for branding. I am not sure how I could possibly reproduce that correctly... Things I found of interest within the printed materials in the case - 1) There seems to be a print date on one of the inserts of August of 1974. 2) The instructions give the method of setting the adjustable regulator head back to the initial setting. I knew they carried this feature over from the Thayer Chandler Model A when they started branding Badger brushes (@1964), but did not know how long they continued. I have a few older Badgers with this style head, and now know they continued until at least 1974... I also noticed that the illustration of the brush in the instructions varies from the actual brush - not sure if it was the brush to come, or one replaced, though...

In 1974 I was into model airplanes would have had a stroke for such a device I was using a plastic body external mix "airtex" rig I think. It was horrid and I had no idea what I was doing. Speckling was the norm