An Old newie



Hi there Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Stumbled onto the Airbrush Tutor through youtube.
Always liked art in one form or another. Back in the day I spent 5 years doing night study for showcard and ticket writing (basically doesn't exist these days) then sign writing. Had a Paashe but never mastered it by self tutoring. Loved it but then life got in the way. But AirbrushTutor has rekindled the flame (many many years on). After a lot of searching decided to purchase a Badger Anthem to get me started again. Love the tutorials and hope to produce something half decent in the near future (After a lot of practice) Being an Aussie made Airbrush Tutor so relatable through is humor. He's a LEGEND, Thanks!
Hey flash, welcome and i think you'll like the forum. I know i do.
Welcome flash , Post up your practice work too , always good to see where everyone starts at.
I started airbrushing later in life as well now it is in my veins and I am an addict.
Thanks for all the welcoming words, Mr. Micron I think your suggestion if posting my practice work is a good idea, can then gauge if I'm improving and possibly pick up tips. Thanks