And I'm a go :)



After finally setting up my spray booth i had my 1st 5 attempts at the dots and lines exercises. Having trouble with the small dots as pulling back on the trigger and no paint comes out so pull back a little more and it all comes flying out. Especially when trying to do the 15% dots. Had some spiders appearing. lol

The lines were all wavey or faint towards one end as unable to keep hand the same distance from paper and steady. I think that was the problem. As they say, "Practice makes perfect". Well maybe a bit better in my case. lol

Used neo AB and opaque black with 2-1 reducer. (Think that the right way round. 2 paint to 1 reducer)

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Glad yo got set up, and you should be proud of these, know for sure Mitch will be, are you sure you haven't done 100 of these behind our backs before you put these up, lol

Top work Rob, I can't believe the consistency, you'll be creating masterpieces in jig time.
Thanks Mad. I did have a go before with an afternoon at a place in Nottingham that does courses. (Closest place to me and cheapest) They run cake decorating courses and this one was with a single action brush from the stock they had, so spent about 4-5 hours about 3 weeks ago but nothing else
Google '' She does some very nice work, all done with food colourings etc and nice to eat as well :)
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Google '' She does some very nice work, all done with food colourings etc and nice to eat as well :)

What a coincidence, I found their website today while looking for something else on google, they do some cool stuff there.
I think her name is Diane, if i remember correctly. It cost £50 for the afternoon. So it was a lot cheaper than other courses. But as a taster lesson it was good. (cake decorating.hehe get it :). OK I'll shut up now )
Good start Rob, dont worry if your lines are a little wavey or the dots are not exactly how you want them, we all started out like that.
One thing you might want to check out from time to time when you realise you have to pull the trigger far back so paint comes out.
Screw off your nozzle cap on top of the airbrush and have a look if paint dried on your needle, if thats the case pull it off the needle but be very gentle so you dont damage the needle.
Also you can hold your airbrush against a different paper sheet or anything else and give the airbrush a good flush, like pulling the trigger all the way back so the nozzle gets free again.
Keep up the good work and looking forward to your 1st painting :)