Another Aussie :)



Hey all,

I'm from Central West NSW and fairly new to airbrushing. I have had the gear for a while but never really did much with it besides a couple of pairs of shoes and a shirt or two... just never had the time.

Recently I have had some health problems that have made my main job as a musician go on hold so I have more time to put into this great art form. Looking forward to learning more and posting some work in the future!

Hi NightOwl, welcome to the forum and I hope your health issues are on the improve :) but at least its giving you some time to practise
Welcome nightowl. Much to learn and many techniques available on here. VERY knowledgable, dedicated, and always willing to help. Glad to have you here.
Hey welcome aboard mate, join in, have fun and get yourself painting, this bunch on here are nice and friendly they don't bite....honest:)
thanks everyone :) Seems like a cool forum so far! I'll post some pics of my work when I get into some :)
Welcome from another Sydneysider, probably more time with all the rain you guys have gotten this year.
good to have another aussie on here,you gotta stay up till 2 in the morning to talk to any of the yanks or poms on here. they are all worth it though. but with a handle like night owl maybe thats ok.