Another Aussie :)



Hi all.....I am making a foray into newbie....altho I have used paint and a full size air gun before....I am also not the usual demographic I gather.....over 50ish female :) The old boy gave me a gun for Christmas so I am looking for supplies around the Canberra area if anyone has recommendations.
Hi , Jan.
Welcome to the best Airbrush forum around.
I'm in Vic (Geelong) and recommend Southern Airbrush Superstore.
Even though you're interstate I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the service.
You may want to check out any art suppliers in your town as well.
Can't hurt and you might just find a real bargain!
Hope you enjoy your journey, you'll find much help and GOOD advice right here!
Cheers, Splasha.
Hi Jan,
Welcome to the forum from another Aussie!
This is one if the best airbrush forums to learn from, and I hope you enjoy your time here!
As for airbrush supplies I recommend the Airbrush Megastore,
A large range and reasonable prices,

welcome from sunny South Africa
This is an awesome place, and I dont believe there is actually any real set of demographics here :) (other than a slight overpopulation of boys :p )
Jan, Welcome to the Forum from the UK, you will indeed learn lots from this place. Nice of you to help the population of ladies too.

Welcome home Jan. Nice to add you to the family , Well nothing wrong with being over 50 .. I started airbrushing after I was past 50 so looking forward to seeing your first works.
Hello Jan, I placed a big order with airbrush mega store today, they seem to have the best prices I've seen so far, and the shipping was ok considering I'm in W.A. Yeah friendly people in here! :)
Hello Jan welcome from Pennsylvania,USA I started about 6-7 months ago and 56 so never too old to learn .. although my wife says I never learn :( lol Lots of great talent here and everyone willing to help!
Thanks for the warm welcome people :) I have watched some tutes and am busting to have a " go ". ....but am heading to Canberra today for a few days with the grandbaby :) I have a sil who does warcraft and he may have an idea on local hobby shops ( at least local to him ) I live way out in the shops out here not even art shops so I am happy to have a look around in Canberra :) I need a small air hose to join onto the big one on the aircompressor.....I already have the connection :applouse: . I will check out the online shops if I cant find anything in Canberra!
The old boy is already rolling his eyes and saying " what have I started " ......gotta love it :)
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Welcome to the forum Jan.

I just bought all my Trident paints from Southern Airbrush, dispatching was a little slow but price and shipping were great. They also sell trident on ebay (still Southern Airbrush) and I got a great price on the true8 starter set 250ml normally $185 + shipping. I won the auction at $150 but last night I saw someone make 1 bid and get them for $108.00.

Worth a look if you haven't worked out the paint thing, check out the reviews on Trident paint on the forum you won't be disappointed.


I need a small air hose to join onto the big one on the aircompressor.....I already have the connection

What size is the fitting?

If it is a 1/4 fitting, they sell the airhoses at supercheap auto, thats what I use anyway,

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
WE DO NOT NEED MORE AUSIES WE NEED LOANG EYELAINDARS LOL just kidding welcome to the forum plenty of ausies here to talk ausie talk with
Welcome Jan. Another Aussie here. I'm sure you're going to love airbrushing.

As for where to shop, I recommend Airbrush Supply Network Airbrush Supply Network (1300 AIRBRUSH) or Airbrush Megastore Airbrush Australia, Airbrush Megastore, Auto-Air Colors, Createx Colors, Wicked Colors, Australian Importer
Trying to find decent airbrush supplies anywhere but online these days is pretty challenging, but both of these places have good prices and quick delivery. I haven't tried Southern Airbrush, so I'm not sure how they are. Their website is down at the moment.
Welcome from Oklahoma USA. WIth all those Aussies slinging paint the whole island must be covered in overspray!