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Hi all

Have been reading lots on this site as I embark on my airbrush learning journey. Something I have always wanted to do, so bit the bullet and bought a 1/2hp quiet compressor, a couple of second hand AB's, a stash of trident paints the Daniel Powers dvd and started working through the first few exercises.

Fun fun fun, practice practice practice and see what transpires.

Thanks to everyone for all the great information on this site.

Hi, Chester and welcome aboard!
Hope you find as much help and info here as I have.
welcome!! always good to see another aussie lolz :)
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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welcome from sunny South Africa. The journey is what life is all about, not the destination :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Not another bloody Ozzie :) Welcome to the forum Cosmic, you will learn so much from everyone here. Please enjoy your stay here.

Hello and welcome from the US.... geeshhh I guess I need to move to Australia just to have another AB'er remotely close. lol I feel like i'm on a deserted island and my communication is notes in a bottle (forum) although this is much faster. lol Sooo do you bloody blokes have a AB'er on every street corner or what. lmao
Wow thanks for all the friendly greetings, very different from some other forums I am a member of.

I have two practice sessions under my belt dots, dots and more dots, barbells and lines. No problems with accuracy and already decided I like the trigger on my olympos hp 100 over the iwata eclipse hp bcs.

Come on Christmas (present list is full of ab stuff)

Look forward to talking to you all.

Dont forget to post your practice sessions pics, plenty of guiding hands here.

@shadow2462 we're not on every corner but we are lurking in the shadows "psst, buddy, wanna buy some airbrushing"