Another newbie from the uk ...




I'm a relative newbie from Oz, but currently in the uk. Mostly a face and body artist but started to delve into the world of airbrush to try something different for bodypainting. A friend suggested i might like to try airbrushing on motorcycles and vehicles as well .... So although i've watched oodles and oodles of videos, read articles and forums, i've not really done much painting, despite owing an airbrush for quite some time! It's probably high time i started doing's lovely to know you guys are here to answer any questions wheni get stuck.

Welcome. I am new as well and there is a ton of cool art work as well as some good posts. I'm diggin it so far.
Hi from th uk! Hope you enjoy your time here! They did warn you about the rubbish weather right?
Oh is totally rubbish. I miss the hot brissy sunshine most days .... Heating is on already!