Another Newbie



Hey Folks! As you can probably tell from my username, I'm from New Zealand.I'm new to Airbrushing but keen to learn. I have a Paasche VL which I have had for a while now but not really known where to start. I saw some of Airbrush Tutor's You Tube videos, which have given me the impetus I needed to do something serious about it. Right, where's the idiot question department?
First welcome to the forum, Next do you have all 3 tips and needles for that good old VL?
VL is a work horse of an airbrush been around a lot of years and holds up well , with practice and getting to really know how that VL runs you can produce paintings as good as others with different brushes.
As far as where to start , dots ,dagger and everything else Mitch has up on his video.
No idiot question department due to there are no idiot questions, I would suggest using the search button first due to someone else may have already asked the question But we all can learn from each other.
Hi Mr Micron, Thanks for the welcome!. Yes I have all 3 tips/needles. I bought a boxed set from a Hobby Supplies in the US. (Tower? I think it was) A much better price than what any airbrush seems to retail here for, when and if you can even find them!

It's a miserable winter Sunday here today, so I'm set up in the garage practicing dots from the practice sheets I've printed out.
My only problem so far seems to be that I'm getting residual ink flow (I'm using Magic Color) when I press for air. I've got the flow adjustment wound right off, so I'm figuring I shouldn't be getting any ink coming through until I draw back on the trigger?
Welcome aboard Kiwi from the UK, as Mr Micron said everything you need is here and no question in to silly. If your getting paint out before you pull back on the trigger then the needle is not seated right or the tip has some dry paint in it preventing to the needle from seating right. Check it's clean, get some cleaner in and pull fully back and give it a real good blast, hope that helps.:)
Hello from germany and welcome to the Forum :)
As Cordyk mentioned, most likely you have some dry paint in the nozzle i had that problem a few times myself when i started out.
I see you have 3 different sizes, so you can try out one of your other nozzles and needle combinations if there is also that problem.
If there is no problem then, you have to clean your other nozzle very good. Also check if the nozzle maybe is abit damaged and has a crack on the tip.
welcome to the forum newbie!! you will learn all you need here, and i see you have already met a couple of our finest members already!! if you have a question just ask!!!
Hey to hobbitland from england! Have a go at all Mitch's videos, and hopefully we'll see some of your work soon.