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Hey all! Glad to have found this site. I'm sure I will find some great advice on here!! Here is some info about me. I am an auto body painter in a local Honda dealership. Using solvent based paints still. I have been spraying cars for about 15 years now. In the past few years I found a love of art, drawing and painting. I took a beginner art class at Penn State University a few years ago and loved it ever since. I have very little drawing experience and don't consider myself good but do enjoy it. I also race two stroke go karts for fun. I am currently looking into trying my hand at some airbrushing as I like to do helmets for karting and such. Here are a few questions I have for everyone. I have picked up some good books at the library to do some research and get some ideas on a setup.

Things I have... things I want... and things anyone can add??

I currently have a big two stage compressor with water traps, regulators, and a small air dryer with desiccant. I can turn it down easily for airbrushing.
I have access to every solvent based PPG product you would need as I have a mixing bank with all the tints, reducers, sealers, primers, and clears..... what is everyone's opinion on using solvent based PPG paints for airbrushing??
I have a nice bright area with ventilation for spraying.
I own a bunch of Iwata and Sata guns for work, and would like a good Iwata airbrush. I have been looking at the Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS ECL 3550. I like the idea of the cup on the side for a better visual on the work, and I am ambidextrous so that may help.

Any opinions on this brush and using the automotive paint?? Thanks so much!!! Colin.
Welcome to the forum. Call you Anest iwata dealer and tell em what you want and have them set you up. That way you get the right hoses and fittings for an airbrush. Other than that spray away.

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I have never used solvents, but it sounds like you have everything you need right there, and I have seen vids with people using PPG. You would just need to reduce more. Also I don't know about that particular gun as I don't like side buckets, but you can't go wrong with Iwata!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel: