Another Newby



Another clueless Newby here,
Joined the forum to larn how to use an air brush to paint some of my models with some bright colours . Inspired by some of the acryllic colours available my gliders might become more visable.
I have bugger all ' artistic flair ' so here goes ! nowt to loose.
welcome furby.. hang out,,have some fun,, oh and learn something too.
Welcome to forum Furby, I also started airbrushing to paint my model aircraft an helicopter canopies, feel free to ask away, you'll be surprised just how easy you can paint your models once you star learning, and a lot of what you do with your gliders can be done with simple masking, so little or no artistic flair needed, lol
furby ??? I bought my wife one of those things years ago .. Dang thing still will not shutup....LOL

Just given you a hard time have to get you started out on the right foot :D

Welcome Home....
Welcome to the forum tons of info here and wouldn't be surprised if after a little while here your painting more than models. If you have any questions I'm sure there is an answer here.
Thanks or the enouragement

Mr Micron whats this about a hard time ? and I've never been with your wife Honest...........:black_eyed: