Another raw newby from South-Africa



Good day people,

What a great forum, lots and lots of information.

I'm from Edenvale, Johannesburg in South-Africa. The reason I chose to do or explore airbrushing is all the you-tube video's that I stumble across. If I may single out one artist that inspire me it must be Svee(sveeart) with his attention to detail on airbrushing guitars. It is because of him that I decided to try airbrushing.

I'm still a total nube when it comes to airbrushing and need a lot of practice.


PS!! Thank you Mitch for helping me to register.
Hello and welcome from the US, Svee is a great guy and will help anyway he can.......we all will!!
Welkom hier Christiaan. 'n Klomp slim mense hier. Jy sal baie leer.

Translated from Afrikaans
Welcome here Christiaan. A bunch of smart people here. You will learn a lot.
Aangenaam Christian

welcome from sunny Roodepoort.
How did you choose you nick ? :)
Good for you!! i hope there are many happy triumphant airbrushing pieces ahead of you!

and hello and welcome fom australia :)
Hi Christiaan, welcome from the uk, Lots of amazing artists here happy to help, thank goodness, or I'd still be painting dots LOL!
Thank you for all the warm welcomes. Already feel at home.

Aangenaam Christian

welcome from sunny Roodepoort.
How did you choose you nick ? :)

I used to be quite a fast shooter and mover on pc games, and one game (cant remember the game name) I played the person moved so fast that every thing were moving in slow-motion. My wife saw it and called me Slowmow, because if I played LAN games (first person shooters) against her she felt that she were moving in slow motion past me.
LOL, awesome nick :) what games do you play?
I am predominantly a BF player - my clan will be entering the DGL this year for battlefield 4. I am definitely not as fast as I used to be :) so I wont sign up for games, maybe just as cannon fodder when they need practise
Hello, Slowmow and welcome from another noob!
Hope you enjoy all the great things happening here.
Welcome Slowmow.

I'm also from south africa, kzn, I'm also fairly new and iv learnt a lot here. Trust me u in the right place lol. You got any questions don't be scared to ask there a lot of ppl that are willing to help. Enjoy :)
Flycatchr I haven't bought a new game in ages. Love games like Crysis, COD, Farcry, Skyrim and GTA, with some Dota in between.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place homes as i do!!!:triumphant: