Another Wisconsin addition-


Young Tutorling
Hello everyone! I am from Wisconsin, and while I have airbrushed in the past, I am going to get back into it again. Getting my compressor/air drying system set up this week (hopefully), and my first project will be painting an African scene on a pair of reproduction elephant tusks. I used to work for a taxidermist, and did all of his finish work which let me use my Iwata every day, and loved it! I have done some custom painting on motorcycles/helmets, and that is what I want to start focusing on again, along with other types of artwork. I’ve been an artist all of my life, and dabbled in every type of art there is, but airbrushing keeps calling me back. I joined this group to basically be inspired by all of the artists here, get advise if I need it, and possibly contribute in any way possible (I can’t stand it when people are so tight lipped about a technique, that they refuse to share or help others that ask.). My go to airbrush is an Iwata HP-C Plus, and LOVE Iwata products. Btw, I’m a little chatty, if you couldn’t tell.:malicious: Anyway, thanks for letting me join. Jackie- I hope you’re over the Easter chocolate coma.:laugh:
Welcome aboard :) Plenty of helpful people here with good advice if You need it so just ask away.
Looking forward to seeing some of Your work :)
Welcome aboard Muctown,
Tight lipped isn't something this group is known for, you ask, we supply what we think is helpful
Chocolate coma ! best way to spend a weekend :)
Welcome to the forum Muctown, out of my own experience I can only agree to JackEB. Nobody here is tight lipped with sharing there knowledge. Often needed some advice and was not once disappointed. Therefore I will help anyone here if I can. So ask and you will be given 🤣
Welcome to the forum Muktownn66
Pretty broard brush around here
you'll fit right in
Taxidermy ay like mounted fish 😁