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Any manuals for Manoir Airforce AF33/AF33-4?

Discussion in 'Compressors' started by cgallery, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. cgallery

    cgallery Guest

    I picked one of these (Manoir Airforce AF33-4) up on eBay.

    So far I've figured out what I need to know by talking to Silentaire (they took over Manoir stock when Manoir left the US market I've read), and reading manuals for Silentaire and Jun Air units.

    But Silentaire doesn't have any manuals.

    Does anyone here have a manual they could scan for me?

  2. J000seph

    J000seph Detail Decepticon! Very Likeable!

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Houston, TX
    Nice find. That's a good looking compressor.
  3. cgallery

    cgallery Guest

    Thanks, it was in rough shape when I got it. It had polyurethane glue dripped all over it, the pressure switch cover was broken in two places, the tank gauge wouldn't go down to 0 but stopped at 10-PSI (and all readings were +10-PSI), the plug's ground was coming off, turns out the wiring (the cords to the wall and from the pressure switch to the pump) was all shot such that the inner conductor insulation was all cracked. I ended up putting at least $75 into it but that includes enough oil for another two changes so more honestly like $55 to put it into good shape.

    But it is a neat little compressor.
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  4. huskystafford

    huskystafford Needle chucking Ninja Staff Member Admin Mod Very Likeable!

    Sep 1, 2017
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    Just wondering if seller drained that tank regulary, if rest of the stuff was in bad shape. Looks like that guy didn't care much for that cute thingy.
  5. cgallery

    cgallery Guest

    The previous owner was a university, I got it on eBay from someone that got it from the that university at a non-eBay auction I believe.

    I don't know what kind of care was taken of it. The oil looked pretty dark, but I'm not getting any rust blowing out of the tank.

    I'm not sure if it was used for instruction or if the maintenance department used it for repairing equipment or what.

    All I know is, it was used too close to some polyurethane glue. That stuff is a bear to remove. Luckily it came off the painted surfaces without damaging the paint. The glue wouldn't come off the pressure switch cover but because that was broken, I already planned on replacing it.

    The compressor is so quiet you can't hear it over my exhaust fan.
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