Any opinion of this one ?

Its a master, a rebranded, Chinese cheapo. Yes it may work fine, or it could be a piece of junk, best bet is a good brand name if you can swing it. I know a few who have gone with something similar with decent results. But its hit or miss. Also not having a tank can cause moisture issues and air pulstaions.

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The main problem with any studio compress like that is Heat and moisture .
if you can either find one with a tank of make a tank for it would be better.
Thanks for the advices , I was thinking something like you say , about air pulsation and poor quality.
This capt my attention because is almost the same money that I must invest to build my own homemade-silent-portable compresor, mine will be bigger and heavyer but portable anyway , more efficient and reliable
i have the badger version of that and it over heated and i had to fix the cylinder and ring i used jb weld and it suprisingly held up and now aboot 10 months later i am waiting for bearings id go for the ca airtool jamie