any rare or awesome quality fine detail guns not covered here regularly


Air-Valve Autobot!
Just curious not to many people here use olympus i am guessing because there sold in japan and for some reason there aren't many Asians on this forum, my guess is they have there own forums with letters in Japanese or what ever alphabet s used in any iof those countries im sure olympus are used much more in japan thain here . if i were still in the navy i would just wait till i go to Japan and buy a bunch of stuff lol.
theres a very photographic picture of what looks like Albert Einstein on you tube I remember watching the video and reading a coment that the airbrush being used was no longer available also i thought i read the artist said he used an aztek and it has one of the most super sensitive trigger mechanism or some thing like that. the porpoise of this thread is that in hope fully in no more thain one month from now i will be in Florida with some extra cash and i am hoping to go as close to pro as i can. seeing how happy moma ferrets friend is with her bug paintings and wants more. so instead of waisting 450 on a second micron which i rely don't need being how fast i can change color i am thinking definatly a badger 100 side feed with a sotar head I can say this is going to definatly be the next addition to my ab collection as it has the shortest distance from trigger to needle tip thain any other gun iv seen and looks to be even shorter Thain the micron soon as possible also thinking of an Aztec after reading that comment on the video. after i get done here i will go to u tube and look for the video although i think everyone here has probably seen it already.
no painting any more till i get better situated I dont want to piss off crazy land lord any more. my apointment should be soon and i will go to florida asap after wards if i have to pay some one to drive me and my cat down there .I dont think its possible to bring my cat on the plane
so thats it what kind of erealy cool ab's are there oout there that are either hard to find gems or just brands that arent mentioned here regularly
I forgot to add one reason is i would not want to buy another expensive air brush like an iwata hpsb only to find out theirs an ab out there i could have got but didnt know aboot
Do not buy an Aztec if you have not spend many hours trying it out first. It is a weird fit in the hand. Without the air coming through the palm of your hand, it feels "un-natural". And the trigger is stupid. If in double action mode it has a huge dead spot where the trigger just flops around. But if you can get use to it, you can do some really nice stuff with it. You get the metal one that is not a featherweight as the plastic hand it helps with the "weird" feeling when holding it. And the finest nozzle in the range is 0.3.
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Do not buy an Aztec if you have not spend many hours trying it out first. It is a weird fit in the hand. Without the air coming through the palm of your hand, it feels "un-natural". And the trigger is stupid. If in double action mode it has a huge dead spot where the trigger just flops around. But if you can get use to it, you can do some really nice stuff with it. You get the metal one that is not a featherweight as the plastic hand it helps with the "weird" feeling when holding it. And the finest nozzle in the range is 0.3.

Agreed, the Aztek is more of a running joke than an actual airbrush.

There are a lot of nice airbrushes out there if you're willing to look around. One of my favorite little-known gems are the Hohmi/Holbien "Y dash" series and Neo-Hohmi airbrushes. They're also sold under the name "Toricon" (Japanese companies never make things simple). The "dash" series airbrushes have a cool little "MAC valve" feature built into the tip of the airbrush. To adjust the air pressure, you turn a piece where the air cap would typically be. Pretty cool, and they're nice, solid units.

The Hobbywave Procon Boy and Mr. Procon are supposed to be good, high quality units. Apparently, the son of the owner of Olympos went over to Procon after his father apparently decided not to hand the Olympos company over to him (I think. Following family and business drama is hard enough. When you get it in broken Japanese/English, it's damn near impossible. lol).

B.C. Rich makes some really nice, very solid and smooth airbrushes, too. And, no, B.C. Rich is NOT the same as Richpen (which I wouldn't recommend).

EFBE airbrushes are supposed to be REALLY nice units, too. I haven't had a chance to try one, but, in general, things hand-made in Germany tend to be a good bet.

If you want to go for the Holy Grail of rare, check for Rotring or Conopois airbrushes. They have a sort of oddball trigger system and look sort of Aztek-like, but supposedly work extremely well.

Oh, and the old Devilbiss "super" airbrushes used to be neck-and-neck rivals of the microns. They're hard to find, but very cool if you can dig one up.

I'm sure I'll think of a few more ;-)
I managed to get my hands on 2 x Rotring airbrushes which were sold on a local 2nd hand site, one has to be checked out for sure cause it doesn't seem to work as it should. It's also the reason why i have two of them now, when the 2nd one popped up it seemed a good reason to buy it for reserve parts. With the 2 i can change the cups in 3 different sizes, between the two of them. It's a bit weird though to work with it, since the air hose is pointing to the back instead of going down. I think i wont keep these two for a very long time either, might put them in the for sale section any time soon. I don't think i will manage to get used to the place of the air hose is ending up. In my personal opinion it feels more like i am about to throw a dart to a dartboard. But if someone would be interested in them, before one i will put them in the for sale section....just PM me and i will keep it in mind first.
thanks hcp draggin thats the kind of info i am looking for i just want to make sure i know of the existance of other less known airbrushes before i buy a well known . i dont want to finsd out that there was a .1 super ultra fined detail gun out there i was missing . although i cant seem to paint here i plan to when i get to Florida . i plan to paint round the clock. and i dont think moma ferret will mind at all when she sees the photo like painting of beethoven i di for her although il have to wait till i get to florida to finish it
Hey Ferret, I have an Aztek and I wouldnt say it was a detail gun. It did have swappable heads which was quite handy and it was a side feed which was nice. Its what i started with and got quite good with. Now Ive swapped over to proper ab's the old aztek is sitting in its box as a memory. I have 3 DeVilbiss Super 63's all have the fine 0.12 setup and they spray great as long as you have the reductions right of course. Its what i've been painting Freddie Mercury with. I got mine off ebay and the dearest one was £26 with the postage. the others were only £10 each, Bargains. Hopefully picking up my micron tomorrow wooppeee, Finally!! This will probably be my last AB and then I need to join AA to talk about my AB addiction. Hopefully getting rid of a few to friends and family so I get down to below 10 and even thats too many.. Can't be helped though, so many nice ab's to buy:)

I am intreeguied aboot the devil blis super 63' this is twice i ve heard of these thats a tiny opening you should do like i would and try it with the micron needle when you get the micron . i always switch around my needles lol the infinity needle works well in the micron but sticks out far from the nozzle. any way when i get to florida and i get my cash i will get another gun probably an iwata hpsb and a badger 100 side feed i wood like to use the 100 with the sorar head i micron head should work but the threaded hole needs to be drilled oot and thr micron head epoxied in to much can go wrong better just with the sotar head
I would stick with the sotar head, it would never be exactly in the right place if you glued a micron head inand it would be expensive. I have an 0.15 infinity needle that works with the 0.12 head in the 63. Works well as a replacement when you cant get the fine 63 needles. I have managed to get hold of some replacements though and some nozzles too available on ebay.

There is also a souped up Micron called an Ultron 0.10mm sold by Lion-Art.
Heres a link


Cheers Mel
Just bagged a Super 93 with a 0.10 setup, Can't wait for it to arrive. I think i will have to watch my reductions with that. Will try etac through it first as I know how much to thin the paint to get the results. I also managed to get my Micron today but i'm not allowed to use it till xmas :( Might make an excuse to just try it make sure it works. :) I will let you know what the 93 is like when it comes. I just have to get rid of some of the old no brand ab's now :(

i would like to know about that 93 ... so now theres a 93 with a .10 set up and a 63 with a .1? for got .... what else is there out there i will definitely be interested once i get my cash and get settled in in Florida as for now my land lord is an absolute monster and i want to get out of here asap i am even thinking of saying screw the apointment
ok so the 63 is a .12 and the93is a .10 . I can say from my experience in almost 1 year of using com and etac efx that they should be fine in those guns i cant wait to get down to sunny Florida and get a hold of these guns and give em a go. also glad i started this thread , I think the post is from melbee something about lion art having a souped up .10 micron this is the kind of stuf i am after. last night i was just goofing around with my guns and i did some fine lines and tried to start at the same point and stop and i e=wound up with something that looked like the threads of a bolt i alsoo did that picture of the dude hanging for my weird friend and drew the whole thing with the krome including the rope I know if i ever live to get to florida i will try to put oiut some awesome works when i dont have to wory about a crazy old land lord. i could and should paint right now but i diont want to start a fight . if my badger aspire compressor worked as quietly as it did when new i could paint all night
I use Richpens a lot. I think their great performing airbrushes. The quality is too notch too. I think Richpens perform just as good as Iwatas. I think the only problem with Richpens is the availability of their parts.

Your Badger 100 with a Sotar head will work. I have a Thayer and Chandler A2 with a Sotar head and it performs quite well. The 100 and the A2 share the same head system.
I've recently acquired the Badger Spirit, and Im truly shocked at this brush. Feels excellent, weighted well and I'd believe you would like the feel of it better than the Badger 100 its just a bit more in price but it may not have the short stroke you're looking for! Anyone who hasn't tried a Spirit, and likes side feeds or wants to try one, you should give the Spirit a shot, hell of a brush!!!
I agree its pretty much the same gun as the velocity or krome except the side feed, One of the things i dont like about the velocity and krome is depending on your lighting, you will get a shadow from the cup right where your working fortunatly when i get to florida depending on how much room i have in the garage. i will be able to plact multiple lights where i need them.that will get rid of the shadow thing. my land lord would have a fit if i had more Thain one light going at a time lol. s\as for the spirit its on the list. the reason i want the 100 side feed so much is the short body I looked at the photo comparison of it next to the 150 thain compared my 150 to my micron ... That thing looks even shorter thain the micron. I am not planing on it but I have a very scientific thinking mind and mechanical back ground and cant rule out attempting to connect a micron head to it and i already have an extra head lol. I am the kind of guy that would plug the siphon feed hole in a 100 and drill a small hole on top and change a 150 to a reservoir gun or if the color cups dont fit make them fit . I get it from my father he use to take the Christmas presents that didn't work down to his shop in the basement and make them work . lol not sure who had more fun at Christmas him or me