Anybody everuse tamiya acryllicand model master enamel



I was at a customers house replacing a well pump and a wax ring on a toilet. He gave me a BIG box of over 100 every color of paint . all look good . I wondered if would ruin my AB bentoad
I have used model master but not through my airbrush. and it has been a few years.
should be ok shouldn't it herb .......would you just clean your brush with a cup of thinners then ab cleaner once its clear
for the enamels I mean not the acrylic, as you said before acrylic is turned to goo by thinners
I used some Tamiya in the frog pik Worked great. I am not so sure about putting anything other water based paint thyough My brush. I have it working fine detail with no problems . I think I will donate the 84 bottles of enamel to a brush model painter
These are used mainly by modelers, but they spray well on any surface if properly prepared.

I used Tamiya acrylics, reduced with their own thinner, 1:3 or 1:4, or isopropyl alcohol. Don't use water to reduce it, it clog your AB. It sprays very smooth if properly reduced.

I also used few times Model master enamel, reduce it with white spirit. It sprays very well. Clean AB with white spirit immediately after. I remember it didn't clog the AB at all.

You cannot mix Tamiya with Model master, but after one layer of one paint is fully dried (24 hours for Tamiya and around 3-5 days for model master), you can put a layer of the other one. Otherwise you don't have to wait too much between layers of the same paint (1-2 h for Tamiya; 4-6h for model master)
will stick with my fast dry acryllic . I ain' t waitin no 3 daysfor nothin. I wil have 5 or 6paintings finished in 3 days LOL. bentoad
Tamiya is an alcohol based acrylic. It is airbrushable after reducing, but being alcohol based it dries fatser than water-based - so low pressure is very importnat when using it.

The Testors is a more volatile solvent based, and again can be airbrushed if reduced properly. I do recommend a respirator if spraying the Testors.

The other thing you may want to consider is using these as brush paints to compliment your airbrush art process.