anybody made their own compressor


ad fez

ok I'm going for it, I'm gonna make my own compressor, just wanted to know if anybody on here had tried it and what problems you faced......also what parts I need.

I have a fridge freezer in the garage which I am gonna stealthe compressor from and I'm using an extinguisher for my air tank, thats all I have so far, copper pipe is not a problem as I can get that from work.....I know I need a regulator, water trap and am also aware I need a check valve and pop off valve but not sure what grade/pressure rating these should be our what else I need
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I've only got a direct jet style chinese knock off compressor (rubbish) so not gonna use that for parts, want to get a decent spec regulator and trap....hasn't had a look yet is the power cable attached to compressor on fridge.....its the writing that is gonna cause me most trouble as I do wood not electrics
yes but there is an interupt to stop the compressor when it reaches a certain psi one wire goes to that and the other to the plug. Hope the chines ko has it do you have a pic of your compressor or a link to one like it.
do you mean the compressor I'm currently using, or the one I intend to make ?
its one just like this only difference is powr switch its on back rather than on topAS18-2.jpeg
the tank I'm gonna use a fire extinguisher, the other bits I would be able to get from a place called designate in cambridgeshire, other than maybe the power chord I'm not using this for anything
I'll try to get some pics later mine is built into a stanly tool box and has a shelve on top of it right now but if not tonight I will get some pics tomorrow
yer no rush brother.....I'm in uk so gonna pass out soon..I'm not nocturnal like squishy
You need a one way valve or solenoid valve between the motor and the tank. This block the air from going back into the motor so that it does not start under pressure. Also the also the on-off switch which has the high-low release settings.
I built my compressor about 15 years ago and it still works great.
i used a fridge compressor, a ten gallon portable air tank from Walmart,( it has a pressure gauge with it)
a pressure switch to turn it on and off and a inline check valve.
If you can't figure out how to build it from these parts you better not mess with it, just buy one..
hope that helps
Another important part of a DIY compressor will be the unloader valve. Some pressure switch will already have it on them but i found that the small cfm that a fridge compressor gives will not be enough to trigger any of the unloader valves i had, so i needed to modify them (change the spring to a weaker one) for them to work.
What it does is that it will unload the line coming from the compressor to the one way valve. Why? because it will gives your compressor a clean 0 psi line to work with on next start. Failing to do this, your compressor will have to struggle against the pressure in the line when it kicks on again and this will heat it up more and lessen it's lifetime.
Also if you are using a fridge compressor, i will advise you to drain the oil in it, let it drain by turning it upside down or on the side of the tube where we refill it. Let it drain over night and replace the same qty of oil you collected with some clean new oil. Don't know how much it has been working before but a servicing before your project will give your motor some fresh blood :) (Use mineral oils or any synthetic not heavy oil)
I have been doing some DIY for me and some friends and they were all very happy with them, and they still work hard till now...with a 5-6 hours of work daily.

Good luck and ask for help if things are not clear.
If you want to make a two cylinder version I have two identical fridge compressors you can have.

All the bits you need are available on fleabay. On/off pressure switch can be had for 6-11 pounds (get a one with at least 3 ports). Check valve @ £4 1 per compressor unit so inline may be better than usual compressor type if running more than one unit, pressure relief safety valve @ £4 absolute must!!

I was going to make my own but needed a tank or donor compressor that was broke. As btreize mentions you defo need the check valves to allow the compessor to start under 0 psi conditions this will save electricity and cut down on heat a little. Size the tank to give you 3 mins worth of air before pressure drops to switch on level. Reason ... Compressors from fridges have a thermal switch for starting and this needs to have cooled sufficently before it will start (had this with my last silent compressor ... a little sil-air silent with a fridge compressor powering it) It took about 2-3 mins for the switch to cool down and allow it to start off my footswitch. I would look for a broken comp on ebay as the basis for silent comp plus you will get most of the bits you need.

Another thing ... Keep an eye on oil coming out with the air. These compressors can spit oil a bit especially as most are old and have probably run for years in a fridge/freezer and may be worn. This doesnt mater too much in a fridge as its a closed loop system and it will eventually end up back in the compressor.

Hope this helps.

yes i have made one too.i will sent you very eaasy.
thanks for all the helpand info guys, it could well be coming in usefull!!