anyone have a richpen apollo?



Not much info available but from what I could find on the net they seem like good airbrushes, comparable to Iwata HP's.
Looking for opinions from owners or folks who have used them.

Thanks, Jim
the links below may make interesting reading, from what I can see the Apollo 112B is pretty similar to my HP-B+ with the exception of the built in MAC and needle distance limiter, they seem to be popular according to some other forums, and also seem to be more attractively priced, parts are readily available.

I'm sure this would be a huge step up from your cheapy brush if you don't want to fork out for an Iwata, I'm sure we've had a couple of members in the past who have had these, hopefully they will chip in here, you could also drop a line to Don Wheeler here on the forum, he does very detailed reviews and all the well known brushes.
I really like richpen, I choose it over iwata. I have a 213c and it's the airbrush I use the most. Never used an apollo but know people who love them. Basically an apollo is an eclipse series, and a 213c is a micron if comparing them to iwata. The only real downside I've found with richpen is how close the cup is mounted to the trigger.
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Thanks guys, I found a cheap 112a (no cup to worry about) thought it would better than my point zero brush for detail.
I'll grab it and let you know how it does.

Thanks, Jim
i not an expert or anywhere near, but i have 2 rich pens ( same model but not sure what that is, 112b's i think) they are nice brushes and as i got them cheap they are better than anything i have bought cheap as an import from ebay. be interested to hear what you think of it.
I got the 112a even though it was used and abused, slightly bent needle tip, totally buggered screw that holds the internal guide in place and plenty of dried paint.
After cleaning out the dried paint and working on the needle I was able to give it a test run.
Very impressed at how well it worked out of the box so to speak, smooth trigger, fine atomization.
Unfortunately it is not an upgrade for me as the knockoff I have worked on performs just as well
I do like the brush, small and light with a good paint reservoir.
The spray pattern seems slightly tighter than my knockoff and it seems to be more tolerant of thicker paint, the knockoff needs a drop more reducer to achieve the same results.
I'll end up working on the Apollo and if I can bring it up a step it will be my primary brush.