Anyone interested in a micron?


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Time to let my micron go. Used three times and times are tough. Let me know what your best offer is in US dollars. I paid 700 with shipping. If any concerns after you receive it I will give a full refund.
sorry to hear that idmtmedic, hope thing get better for ya. good luck with the sale
Sorry to hear about your hard times, Which Micron is it? I do know a local girl who has been bagging her dad to buy her one so I would be happy to pass the infor along.
Thanks guys. Mr micron it is the CM-C plus. I will go ebay, but figured i would offer here first. I still have my hp-c plus and revolution but need get a little cash to get over the hump. Let me know if she is interested mr micron i appreciate it
Well I have decided to keep my micron:) I sold my turtle pic for several hundred so decided to do more art instead of selling something I truly enjoy.
Glad to hear things worked out for you , Hope you continue to make money with your art.
Well I have decided to keep my micron:) I sold my turtle pic for several hundred so decided to do more art instead of selling something I truly enjoy.

damn, thats awesome, what a turn of fate, excellent
Thanks again! Yes weird timing and gave me the push I needed. My pic sat for 3 months in the gallery and my contract was up. Was heading out to get it the next day. Well I took that as a sign of fate for sure and made my decision that even breaking even on that AB would not have been worth it. Confidence is back and Money isn't everything right. Well it sure helps. Not much time to get on here now that I'm working, kids etc, but my heart is still here. Hopefully post some new stuff soon.
looking forward to seeing some more of your work, glad you changed your mind
I have a question to ask here i to am in hard times i own an infinity and a velocity the velocity is going back to badger for a checkup and the infinity is not realy doing what i would expect from a 300 dollar airbrush . i bought the 2 in 1 so i can get a loan wich wil probly have a huge interest and have an iwata coming as soon as next week i recently fractured my right leg in 6 places below my knee and have just started walking i would like to rely on my art work to make a living do you think an iwata micron would be a good investment ?
If you can't get the infinity to perform you will not get the micron to perform either. I just want to help you out you want to airbrush as a living I have been airbrushing almost 15 years and do have a custom paint business that I do on the side. I do mainly motorcycles and fine art. What is your goal for other words what is your business plan. t-shirts, bikes fine art all the above? How long have you airbrushing? This one doesn't matter as much you can still make money. I was spraying t-shirts at a store after a year of starting. But my speed and skill were far from what they are today. I just feel that you have detail brushes two great tools but you really need a brush that sprays larger areas. Different tools for different jobs.
Don't take a loan out to get a micron. It's a great brush but it won't turn around your ability to make a living. It's a means to an end. I have 3 brushes and each serves it's purpose for what I got them for. I would listen to strictly attitude about this. I have never used an infinity but it would be much cheaper to work on what you have and get good results. Meaning work with the manufacturer or troubleshoot more first.
I would say if your brush isn't doing what u would expect I'd take a look at your setup. Do u have a water trap? What psi is your compressor set at? What paint are you using and do u reduce? Your setup and paint quality is just as important as the brush itself. Running cheap house paint through a micron or infinity is gonna do the same thing as running it through a 15 dollar gun. U have a good gun there I would take a look at everything else before ditching them.

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well hey man i'm glad it all worked out for you !!! sorry i missed the opportunity to buy this..i'd have offered a whoping 1oo$ but i'd let you talk me up to 125$..your loss my just messing but if you do ever need to sell it for real i'll give you 160$....sorry i couldn't help it