Anyone know about these airbrushes?

Any one know anything about AirCraft airbrushes?

These are cheap Chinese airbrushes with the name of the shop printed on them, I have similar brushes but they have the name Black Bull on them, but they are the same, they are not very reliable, although with a little patience you can use them to good effect, the needles and nozzles are extremely easy to damage, but on all of the the parts are inter-changeable.

I have one with a 0.8 nozzle which is ideal for basing and clearing since I don't do anything bigger than a helicopter canopy.

As I said they require a lot of patience to keep them working, but if your planning on buying new equipment I highly recommend bottom of the line bigger names if it's a question of money, Neo for Iwata, Ultra from Harder & Steenbeck and you'll find that Badger airbrushes are simply a steal, all of them are sufficiently guaranteed and parts and service will be a lot easier.

As Mitch always says "You get what you pay for" in the long run the bigger names are more economical, there is a big difference between cheap and economical.

One last important point, running uros through these airbrushes will quickly damage the inside lining making them useless, so you can only use them for water based paints.
They are only available in South Africa mate. In America they are known and Harbor Freight or Fengda. The UK has their own branding and so on. It is cheap Chinese knock-offs. I played with a BD-130 and BD-132 and they were not bad. They were not good either. Stick with Badger, Iwata or Devilbiss. For others reading this, this is about the only choices we have down here. If you want to for aout alot of money, look at Harder & Steenbeck. Have a look here Executool - Genuine Toolshop - HOME