Anyone know about this Airbrush?



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Hello again folks....

Was wondering if anyone has ever used or still uses this Airbrush? The paperwork says it is a "Cummins AIR BRUSH KIT Stock NO.150. haven't been able to find out much about it. Is this a "Old" version?

Any help is as always appreciated.


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Picture would REALLY help. The no. 150 does relate to a Badger model.
It's just a cheap knockoff brush from Cummins industrial tools. I think it's modeled off a paashe

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Added a photo folks. Hope it will help determine if this is a decent one. Maybe I can get some tips and or tricks from someone who has used one.

Appreciate the help tho.... thanks
My tip would be throw it away lol honestly. It's a real basic brush for's basically next step up from one of those testor ones you use a can to spray it with

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Throw it gosh we come from different worlds LOL..Even a bad brush is better than no brush and you may find applications its great for..Is it being offered to you for sale? If so offer about $5 LOL..If your getting it for free, grab it as it may be an awesome background gun and in our world you can never have to many working options..If you own it and are looking for parts, good luck..On tips on how to use such, look at any thread or youtube video as again its just an airbrush, we all use different options and to learn how to use it would be just a case of watching others airbrush or doing some research...I do believe its worth keeping away from cheap guns, mainly due to the fact they just don't last well or are hard to find spares for, but thats not to say cheap guns can't produce awesome art..They can..A lot of my vids have been done with a no-name gun as my badger decided to bend its needle and I couldnt get a replacement for quite awhile and that chinese rip off actually served me very well in between.
It looks like a Chinese copy of a Badger 150. It may be a decent airbrush and it may be junk. The Badger is a good brush. It looks like it might take a Badger hose, but I doubt whether Badger parts will fit. The Chinese brushes tend to have thinner needles and different threads. Harbor Freight Deluxe airbrush parts might work. It's very similar.
they sell the replacement parts on their own website. When I say throw it away, it's due to it will never perform for doing anything custom. Be good for doing background wash or whatever sure, but as a detail brush never. It has a larger needle size so it's not fine line by any nature. I've seen similar ones like this rebranded for all different companies, including snap on tools. They slap on a high dollar price tag but a turd is still a turd. I wouldn't pay more than $5 for it, and me personally I wouldn't even use it if it was free.
Lot's of good feedback... I already own it, got it for free actually. LOL

OK kids.... so here's the next question.... Seeing that I ain't a "wealthy" person, is there a good reasonably priced "Multi-use" Airbrush to begin with? What do ya suggest?

Thanks again folks!
well honestly, for some basic actual chinese knockoffs that do perform pretty decently and come in bottle feed, standard gravity feed, and even a micron like airbrush, sells some that are considered throwaway airbrushes. This means since cost is low and they are unbranded, they don't sell replacement parts. On the upside of it, they are only $30 a pop for most of them. I've used them before and they are a cross between a peak airbrush and a richpen. Not bad for what they are really. Good idea to use while still getting the hang of things to see if you want to continue to pursue this hobby/career and with minimal investment. Badger airbrushes aren't badly priced even though I have a personal vendetta against them, and also the peak line that bearair has as well isn't too shabby either. It really depends on what your budget is for it and what you willing to invest. If your budget allows a little over $100 for an airbrush, then that opens a lot of doors. Iwata is a good solid workhorse that will last you for years.
Badger airbrushes aren't badly priced even though I have a personal vendetta against them

I'd recommend a Badger LOL..;)

My favorite setup atm is a Badger 155 Anthem with a fine-line conversion kit on it..Bout $180 all up which is a good price for a gun that will perform at a very high standard, almost comparable to some $6-700 brands and a really good starting point before spending too much money..It will last you years, is easy to maintain and is backed by a company that stands behind their shiz..Well imho...A patriot can also wear the fine line conversion kit so if your into gravity's, that maybe a better option and cheaper too as a Patriot is around $100 ish...This is a personal thing though as we all have our favorites, buy anything in a named brand and you should be right...GL
My suggestion is to use what you've got for a while and see what you like and don't like. Your .35mm nozzle should do some pretty fine work, and that's not a bad starter size. Monitor the forum and ask for help if you're stuck. Do some research so you really know how the thing works and how to take care of it. Read and view reviews to get an idea of what's available and then make your choice for something better.