Apparently I'm late on joining. From Vancouver Island



I'm Ian, from Vancouver Island. Facebook/IMCustom

Leave some feedback, like it, share it, send me your pages!

Nice to meet everyone, and no I'm not here just for the competition!
Hi Ian, and welcome. I'd like to see your facebook page but i'm the only person i know that doesnt do facebook AND i work in IT so i'm even weirder for not doing facebook :) As for only being here for the comp, who knows, even the 'Badger hunters' that have come seeking gold, may like it enough to stay around for awhile. Have a crack, its not based on technical skill, but creative thinking, join in and have a laugh along with the rest of us hopefulls :)
Haha I posted a couple pictures! I'll add more a little later. First airbrush I ever owned was a Badger and been with Iwata since, although I am on the market for a new 'workhorse' brush. I was thinking towards the Kustom CH, maybe I'll play around with 'the eye' for fun. Who knows!