Art work size ? for beginners



From a beginners point of view, what would be the best size canvases to use for pieces.

From a detail point of view is it easier to work on larger blown up images or smaller ones.

Reccomendations please :)

The bigger a piece is the bigger and easier the detail will be, if you are practising a piece rather than just dots,lines and daggers, something around A3 or A2 size is acceptible.

If you mean your reference image, a high resolution image will show more detail, blowing up a smaller image will "Pixel-late" making any detail all but invisible.

So my recommendation is a A3 work from an HD image.
The bigger the better. You never look at art close up anyway. The problem that every new airbrusher make is to try and go super fine (and skulls and flames). That will come with practice.
AndreZA, your comment made me chuckle. This is my first real attempt at a picture that resembles something. A Skull as it happens (Sorry about the photo quality)

Airbrush Project 3 WIP Skull 2 (1 of 1).jpg
looks good bingy just watch your over spray, either shield it while spraying our go back in with black after to tighten it up