artist from the sticks in Pa



Hey everyone nice to meet you all and thanks for the advice I allready got on doing some wall murals, they turned out great .
Workin hard at trying to get steady work, but my area is not to hot on art. Have to push myself into situations rather than get phone calls.

any info on where I can watch more Airbrush Tutor videos, I thought they would be accessible here on this site.
A warm welcome from the UK and wlecome to the forum ... though it sounds as though you have been here for a while!
Welcome Hone fbsketcher... So out in the sticks of Pa,.,Sounds like Palmerton area...LOL
Welcome aboard my friend, good to have you with us:). The best way to get all of the tutors vids is to go on YouTube and subscribe to his vids, in your settings, have it so you get notifications then every time there is a new one you will get an email....simples.
Welcome to the family!! Ain't nothing wrong with being from the sticks, you will never run out of stuff to stir your paint with :)