Aussie suppliers?



I'm curious where Australians order their paints?

I've been looking around at a few sites. There are some cheap deals on eBay, but shipping is from the states and completely ridiculous.
Is there a good (cheap) supplier that doesn't charge a mint for shipping??

I havent decided on a paint yet. Was leaning towards create wicked (just because I noticed the tutor uses them as do some people here).

Hi compleks,
I'm in Melbourne and I get the wicked range from Steve at, Steve will help you out :) I even got a Christmas card with my last order as well as the standard lollies ;) excellent service and very quick postage, usually a day or two. They also sponsor this forum.

I have used DNA paints to order the trident range, but I have just noticed Daniel powers store sells them also although I'm only 5 mins from his shop so will pop in and save on postage from now on :)

They both seem pretty good with prices and ancillary bits and pieces like brushes, stencils et al.

Good luck.
gday mate i buy my paints from airbrushsuperstore , i use tridents at the moment, quick delivery
Thanks guys, will have a look at both of these stores.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the wicked base vs detail colours?

Lastly, What ratio of water to reducer do you use? What would happen if you just reduced with water?
Can anyone tell me the difference between the wicked base vs detail colours?

Lastly, What ratio of water to reducer do you use? What would happen if you just reduced with water?

The pigments in Wicked Detail are supposed to be ground finer than those in the Wicked making the detail line better suited for airbrush use. Personally, I've never experienced any noticeable difference between the two when it comes to sprayability. Reduction ratios (and air pressure) can vary greatly from one artist to another. You just have to play with it and find what works for you. I've never tried reducing Wicked with only water, so I'm afraid I can't help you there...
i go with airbrush megastore mate. cause i get lollies and they are fast and cheap....and the guy on the other end of the phones has been pretty helpful whenever ive had to call.

I ordered the eclipse and some paints through airbrushmegastore. Mainly because I want some of these lollies I keep hearing about ;)
You guys weren't lying, these lollies are great!

Oh, and the airbrush is pretty cool too I guess ;)
Haha. I bent a needle today so I should be getting some candy canes along with a few wicked colours sometime soon. Haha....and a new needle.
Hmm, maybe I should bend my needle too?

Actually, can someone explain the purpose of the mini wrench that was included in the box? It's not the standard wrench I've seen for loosening/tightening the nozzle of the brush.
It looks exactly like this:

It seems to serve no purpose unless I'm missing something?

Haha. Anyway, big props to airbrushmegastore though. Really fast shipping, and really really well packed.
Oh, and lollies.
yeah i got the same one and its used to loosen the fluid nozzle....thats the only one i got and it looks exactly like the one in the photo....doesnt yours fit?
"On the Eclipse, you do not separate the gold colored portion of the nozzle from the silver colored portion. They always stay together and if you need to replace the nozzle, you replace the whole thing. If you try and remove the small, silver end nozzle, you will damage the nozzle and it will be unusable. The only wrench you need is the larger wrench that's shown in your last pic to remove the head cap so you can get to the nozzle.
You don't need that small wrench with the Eclipse. They must have enclosed it instead of the larger wrench. If you purchased the airbrush locally, go back and ask for the larger wrench. Honestly, you can just use a pliers to remove the head cap. Just put a rag between the airbrush and the pliers so the pliers doesn't scratch the chrome."

Just found that. Guess I'll keep the wrench as a decorative piece :)
I got that wrench with my eclipse, I think they put them in all of them. You can take that small piece off, but you are right Compleks, just don't! They are too fragile, and even if you managed to do it, it's unlikely to seat properly and won't work anyway, and is a waste of money, just replace the whole thing if you need to, though it isn't cheap as I learned. I always spray with the head cap off, and one day I forgot to replace it when I put it back on the stand, and then like a total clutz knocked the brush off the stand, what an idiot! But as long as you take care of it, it's rare that you'd have to replace it.

Doh! I meant to say I always spray with the crown cap off, further proof of my idiocy LOL!
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Hey Squishy and Compleks.....i just need some clarification of what you guys are saying. i have an eclipse and a HP-C+ and i change the fluid nozzle on both of these the same way....take off the needle cap, then the nozzle cap then use the spanner to undo the fluid nozzle. BAMM your done.

But you guys are saying on the eclipse DONT take off the fluid nozzle on its own...but keep the head cap together with the fluid nozzle and clean them as one?

So what your saying is with the eclpise you have the option of cleaning the fluid nozzle while its attached to the end cap but with the HP-c+ if you want to clean the fluid nozzle you have to take it out on its own?

so i guess in the eclipse you still need the tiny spanner if you ever need to replace a broken fluid nozzle?

i know this seems like a little thing but it was just hard to picture...

Thanks guys
DONT take off the fluid nozzle on its own

Never had any issues taking mine off but I tend not to need most of the time..The little buggers are easy to loose and handle by themselves, keeping it as one unit makes sense unless ya do need to change it out..I just use the bristles of a bottle brush cleaner to safely remove any paint in there..Some airbrushes this piece is pressed in and on some it screws in, generally if there are little flats on the nozzle it will unscrew, thus the spanner :) Dunno what the price is of the full assembly but at a guess I'd say its much cheaper just to replace the nozzle if it is indeed cracked..

Oh and btw another good Aussie supplier (And manufacturer) of paints is prices to in comparisson to other major brands when you take volume into account..
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Cheers for the link. Hadn't seen that site in my searches.

What I posted before was just a cut and paste from another forum. I don't completely understand all the parts involved yet anyway. Better I don;t go playing around with it too much at this stage.
Just to be clear, I know I waffle and don't make any sense usually. The spanner fits the silver part, but DON'T try and replace that part, it's easy to break the thread, and it can snap off and remain inside the gold part,(which you will then also need to replace) or can break when trying to put a new one on, as it's hard to tighten without it snapping off or damaging it. Because it's hard to put any force into tightening it without breaking it, you won't get a good seal so it won't perform. I'm sure people can do it, but generally it's a waste of money to try it. Buying the whole thing (gold and silver part together) isn't cheap, but you will probably end up paying for it anyway when the other part gets damaged, and also you know it will perform properly, and won't be wasting time re ordering and waiting for another part.
LOL Squishy have to agree and disagree all at the same time..If the nozzle is cracked then there's really no harm in trying to replace it, whether you bugger the gold bit or not as ultimately a new assembly would replace both anyway..The reason the spanner is so small is that its harder to put huge leverage on the thread (Pliers and such prob ain't a good idea though use them meself LOL) and as I think Seamonkey mentioned in another thread it really does come down to Lefty=Loosy and Righty=Tighty and of course feel is very important so you dnt overtighten..Usually threads break because peeps go the wrong way LOL..I know what ya saying but as the fluid nozzle is only a few bucks it makes sense to order one along with a new head assembly just in case things do go wrong, this way it will give you two new assemblys if one has an issue down the track..The seal aspect is easily sorted out with a little soft bees wax though I must admit I've never had a seal issue even after taking mine out dozens of times for a good cleaning..I know what ya saying but realistically there's no harm if the nozzle is buggered and you try to remove it as ultimately the gold piece will go in the bin anyway when your new head assembly arrives so why not try to refurbish it for a spare, if it isn't buggered to begin with I'd suggest that peeps don't remove it if they don't know what they are doing. I do understand what your saying in the aspect of having to wait for another order if you bugger up the nozzle replacement but it makes sense to order both parts and it will potentially save you time in the longrun if you do succesfully repair a cracked nozzle as then you will have both options to rely on in the case one goes to airbrush heaven LOL...
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