Auto Air Colours



Hi everyone. I'm about to do a touchup on one of my motorcycle parts. The bike's actual colour is a Satin Black. Any thoughts on how I can get this type of colour with Auto Air?


You sure it is not clearcoated ? If it is the satin is from the clearcoat not from the color.
Okay, fair enough. In your opinion, how would a transparent black over a dark sealer and then clear coated look? As for the clear coat, I have so far been using Tremclad Clear. This will be on a plastic part, probably polyethylene.

Cant say, its a touchup... And black often is not black at all, often there is some color in it. Black is one of the hardest colors to touch-up if you do not know what is on it. Maybe you can ask to measure the color for you in a paint/repair shop? Thats what I always did, measure the color, get the recepi and mix-match to it. (I made the color for the painters)

Also you get some different blacks in Auto Air, make some testpanels with the clear over it maybe gives a clue.
Jet black, black, transparant black, black basecoat. They all look different.

Sorry, no clear answer on how to get it the same... Maybe someone else with experience of Auto air can give a direction?
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Thanks for that explanation. I actually found a colour sample on Auto Air's site for trans black over sealer dark. I think I should be able to get a descent finish with this combination. Here's the pic:

4249-Black-over-4002 trans black over sealer dark.jpg