Autoair reducer question

Richard Sykes

Young Tutorling
Im almost out of reducer and frankly cant afford any for a while lol

As its water based would I be able to use water to reduce it for now?.... or if anybody has any good alternative I can get cheap would be good.
You can use the Wicked line of reducer just so you know .
If this is just for practice and not work something you want to last a long time . You can use 25%-200 proof ethyl alcohol with 75% water and 1 drop pf glycerin per ounce mixed to make a nice home brew reducer. But this is only meant to be used for practice piece and not paying jobs or somehting you want to last a really long time.
I believe Auto air has the same binder as Wicked (not 100% sure of that), and wicked does not like water.