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Air-Valve Autobot!
I'm in the process of swapping some video's over from Vimeo to You-Tube for my site and figured I'd make some of them public previews..Plan to incorporate a freebie video page eventually when they've all been moved across. This series is about 8 hrs long looks at a greyscale portrait that concentrates on the eyes..Below are the first two videos of the series..The series continues on to then show texturing and how to blend it all together with the final layers, but those 4 video's will remain an AirbrushAnswers member's only set and am considering turning them into a HD DVD format down the track. These first two though may help a few get some more confidence with the basic idea presented as they show the main requirements to complete a basic portrait..There's a few hours of footage so make sure ya have a coffee/beer on the go LOL :)..Hope they help..

[video=youtube;iShjT1KRRuU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iShjT1KRRuU&list=UUXX0IZDOCxTuuVcvtuD2WCA& index=2&feature=plcp[/video]

Here's the second video :)

I watched these today on youtube (while at work) they really are great videos, so informative, you present and reach really well
Ace, I have seen all of your YouTube videos and love them. I am extremely ashamed that I cannot get enough money together be a supporting member here or Airbrush Answers. As soon as I do, I will join Airbrush Answers. I love the way you paint and feel I can learn a ton from you and can't wait to get the money!! I JUST NEED TO SELL SOMETHING, LOL!!

Thanks for all you do for us, it is appreciated!!!

well i agree with josh all the way, i feel i could learn ton's from you !!!, you the best portrait teacher i'v seen !!!! i will be watching all your videos as soon and i have time!!..and as a multi tasker i need both of my hands..i found that i get more done that way!!!..LOL couldn't help it :encouragement:
I agree with the Seamonkey as well. I have seen most of your videos and the work you do is awesome. Thanks for the videos!
Glad they potentially help a few out :) Hoping to get back in the saddle a bit soon, with vegie gardens, kids birthdays, my wife, websites and all the other things in my life I consider hardwork (LOL, dn't tell my wife I said that ;)) I'm finding painting time atm is drastically in short availability. Will hopefully clear out the big jobs and get back to some more video production soon, hoping to even have a fling later today :)
Rebel Air, what is your youtube channel? would love to see ..thanks
Heya Ray, its actually top secret and if you want to know I may have to come find you and make sure you don't pass it on to others......LOL

:) Its acekustomair if you do a user search or Ace Kustoms works fine also...Or you can suss out most of my vids and supporting PDF's for free at Airbrush Answers..I go a little further on my site hopefully explaining some of the behind the video scenes stuff so maybe a better place to have a squizz when your got 5..Still gotta make some adjustments there though so public can download stuff...So if you have any probs accessing it just give us a hoy...


Hope they help :)