Back in the saddle again...


Spyder Crowley

Hello all and greetings from West Virginia. I first airbrushed about 20 years ago and have constantly had equipment since then. I havent always had time to use it (kids, job, divorce, job, divorce (again, ugh!), and other mitigating factors) but now that the kids are grown and i'm sticking with just a girlfriend and only 2 jobs i have a bit of time to do what i love. I do mostly comic book related stuff, but i'm really into the skull and fire and hot rod thing right now too. I also do old school pinstriping. I use an IWATA ECLIPSE siphon feed and i also have 14 MASTER airbrushes (all siphon feed except for two gravity feeds that are the higher end of that manufacturer). I've done a few murals and car projects and a few airbrush stands at football games and whatnot. My studio space is the 5x7 area that is the open half of my laundry room. In the past i've had an entire room to myself but, alas, it is not so now, lol. I use mostly createx and createx wicked colors. I'm interested in just finding some good artists to hang out with (even if its just online or through email) to trade ideas and equipment, if needed, with. Currently i'm in need of a decent easel if anyone has an extra lying around or has plans for a good "H" easel. Any tips or comments, both good and bad, are appreciated on any of the work i submit to my album. Looking forward to talking with any and many of you. I paint every day ( well, night mostly) so i gotta go sling some colors. Everyone have a good day!
welcome from honduras,hope you can callthis place home as i do!!!:angel:
Hi Spyder and welcome from PA, hmm laundry room, airbrushes....getting any ideas??? lol "anything you do wether it a simple little sketch on a gum wrapper to the painting the sistine chapel is art and as long as you enjoy it and have fun...your golden.
Hi Spyder, welcome aboard from Calgary. Looks like you had a busy life and you've come to the right place. You'll find the people of this forum are a great bunch people. They share ideas, provide constructive criticism and they have a warped sense of humour, which you'll find soon enough :) If you have pictures of your previous work, sure would like to see.
Hi Spyder from the uk, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some of your stuff. Some awesome artists around the place, that always inspire me, and plenty of laughs too.