Background Cartoons Masking??



I've been asked to do a Mickey Mouse sign for a birthday party. Whilst I'm not the greatest, I will be masking Mickey and doing it piece by piece but want to do a blended background of some sort.
Will it be best to do this first or last? Mask the area of Mickey, then do Mickey or do Mickey first, then mask up Mickey and do the blend last?
Noob question but haven't ventured into backgrounds yet.
Hey snoochies, you would prob be best masking of mickey and doin the backround, that way your not working around your painting and risking overspray. If you do mickey first then mask you could risk peeling some paint of your work, just how i would do it
As cartoon figures have a very tight outline both options are viable. Normaly you'd do the background first so you don't have to paint it between for instance hairs of the person in the foreground, but here that won't be an issue.

In this case I'd do mr mouse first as it would requier less masking matterial (as indicated above only use masking material if you know the stuff you are working on can handle it). When you paint mr mouse be carefull though you don't want a ton of overspray on the background (a little won't be a problem you'll get rid of that doing the background). With the mouse in mask it off and do the background.

If you are afraid of too much overspray the order in which you do it realy won't matter as you'll have to mask both anyway.