bad bad compressor?



I bought a new compressor. I really like it but it keep challenge me
at first it lost pressure over time. it drop from 8 bar to almost nothing in less than 24 hours. so I sealed it with silicone tape. it's brand new but it has more bandage than the "The English Patient".
it continue to happen but less sever than before. I had a lot of motivation not to return it for a laboratory check since it's new!
so I did something and it's solve the problem - the leak was from one of the major pipes that exit the compressor
first: since than and every-time I run it, it reaches the max of 8 bar, and without me doing nothing it drops rapidly to 7.5 bar and stays there. is it a normal compressor behavior?
second: when it reaches 6 bar it start refilling itself and makes me panic with a huge noise so I turn it off after filling it and turn it on when I have low airbrush pressure (around 2 bar). so turn it on and get out of the room...since I started with this ceremony I noticed that every time I drain the water (happens after each and every use) - the water that come out are brown.
before starting the "ceremony" there were little to "no water" and they never came out brown
what do you think?
Unfortunately this in normal on new compressors especially smaller 2.5 to 5 gallon tanks . The sole purpose is to keep the tank from collecting and holding water in the tank . Since they are sold to run small tools at 40 psi and higher yhe manufactures dont consider this a problem since the motor would come on during use .
The only abnormality to me is the fast rate of drop initially , normally it is a little slower

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The brown water is normal and will collect over time. Should be drained regularly. As soon as anything is compressed there is heat involved and with that heat moisture. The brown water is a reaction between the metal inside of the tank and the water like rust. That is why it is important to drain after every use.

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thanks :) everything will be ok when I will replace it with a small one (this one is 20kg) and quiet one :)
it drop from 8 bar to almost nothing in less than 24 hours

The good thing about compressors is they compress air pretty cheaply, no need to try and save it over a 24 hour period LOL and btw, too much teflon tape can be as bad as not enough..On the pressure drop-Gauges are just that..A gauge, they give you an approximation, not an exact reading and you will note that when you push down your trigger, the setting you thought you had will drop slightly and as mentioned..Brown water is a norm, water and metal= rust and the longer you have a compressor for, the browner it will get, the longer your paint session goes for the more water it will produce and even the weather like a high humid day will produce enough to have a shower with but you may come out brown LOL..All pretty normal things for a compressor..Depending on the compressor you can change the point it kicks in for you or like your doing turn it off until you need to resupply some air, thats what I do generally but listen carefully as painting it until it has no air can also cause some issue with spitting and poor atomization and if your working on a good piece, that could cause you an issue..GL
No, Rebelair,
THAT would cause me to have a MAJOR DUMMY SPIT!
Has been known to happen before. LMAo!
Rebel air thanks a lot. Well I will solve the "turn it off until I need more air" by considering buying a quiet one. I intend to do murals and although I like this one ... It is really un portable and I won't feel easy with myself when making such a noise in other people's house.... But for now u manage to ease my mind. I thought I' m damaging it by turning it off cause of the noise...
Compessors are desighned to in our case compress air and store it , the brown water is probably from you not draining the tank after use , you should always drain your tank after use. the air leak sounds like a fitting if you are using teflon tape make sure your joints are all air tight , too much or to little tape are bad you should be able to screw your fitting by hand if you need a wrench you got too much teflon tape and the threads wont sit right ,to little and the tape is of no use.
as for your gauge they are not a real precise thing on these compressors it could just be the gauge . the only other thing I can think of is because of the rusty water is your tank has rusted out and developed a small leak and you cant see it because of the paint take a good look at your tank if you have one it will be around the fluid release valvue most likely.