Bad paintflow



I'm experiencing bad paint flow with my AB.
I'm using Vallejo airbrush primer, which can be used without thinning it (according to the bottle :) )
I'm using around 20-25psi.

I can't really control the paint flow at all. It's only when I pull the trigger all the way back I get paint.

I did clean the airbrush, both with water and airbrush cleaner.

My brother inlaw borrowed my AB some time agog and when u got it back there was some "goo" in it. It took ages to get it all out and clean again. But it looks clean now.

Is there a way to check the seals and see if that's the problem ?

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"Straight out of the bottle" normally means pressure higher the 20psi (about 50psi) and sometimes even nozzles at .5mm. Just thin it or up the pressure and then try again.
I've never been able to spray anything straight from the bottle unless I crank it to about 60 psi, even with wickeds. I don't care what paints I use I always reduce them, especially primer, that's why you have to use a 1.8 tip set up for the big guns. I've never heard of airbrush primer but if you can reduce it that sure would help you.
I see. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see how it goes.


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Primers are thicker by nature than base paints. Most are design to fill in small imperfections in the metal .
So yes strat out the bottle if using a mini spray gun but through most airbrushes you will have to reduce.
I have it figured now. It was the AB. Got my HP CS yesterday and wow what a difference it makes. Now I feel like I have to learn the brush all over again. The control is greater and so Is the "feel" of the AB.

It's true what you ppl say, a good AB makes a ton of difference!
I also got some com-art and that too is a breeze to paint with.

Ty all for a great community, it's really inspiring to see you all help ppl from all levels of knowledge of ABs.

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