I ve always liked custom painting and when I was a kid back in the 70s the custom painting was huge all over the world. And now its headin back to life again.I ve been drawing all my life. But i lost the feeling foor drawing and painting for several years til the day a friend saw my skills in Drawing and got me the first airbrush.
A Iwata revolution I started to paint but lost it cause i didnt had any clue how to use it :) But the Iwata never left my head so i had to get ready for study the world of airbrushing.This is about a year ago! And i realized that i can do this to and heres where we are today.I bought myself a silent compressor and a new airbrushcalled Veda Ithink its Chineese and a Iwata micron copy and it works just fine and didnt cost the half of the price of the real stuff. see you brothers post some pics later
nice to be here :) I tried to post some pics but couldnt get it right!! HAHAH Im to old for this excrement. I ll paint some more and try again later. And thanks for the forum :) this is gonna be great.
hey there everybody :) you re having fun airbrushing? I have!! Yes Mr Shark! I have a Veda and someone told me that they re made in China.I bought it with two needles 0,2 and 0,3 and it works just fine.I payed 800 Swedish kr. I use other brushes to but they are the real thing! Iwatas