Badger 150 and part 50-046

Hi from the uk Slovenian. I'm sure there could be someone who could help you out, but people will want to know a bit more about you first, we're that kind of forum, very helpful but like to get to know someone a bit first. Apart from being polite, it will help people advise you better if we know more about you, and could maybe recommend somewhere to get the part you need. Pop along to the intro section (you can put a link to this thread there if you like) and tell us about yourself, where you're from, what kind of things you like to paint. People always stop and say hi to new people, so more people are likely to see that anyway.
I´m from Slovenia and I don´t speak English very well. I learn english, but not every day.
I´m 36 years old, engineer, unfortunately unemployed. So I have a lot of time.
1 month ago, I´ve bought used airbrush. I am not sure if I lost part 50-046, or has lost part earlier owner.
I hope I´ll paint cars...perhaps in future. At first I have to see if I gift for painting have.
Are you sure the part is missing? It is buried inside the airbrush body. If you can feel a little drag when you install or remove the needle, it is there.

This part is so cheap that it wouldn't make sense to make your own in the USA. But, I can understand your situation. The inside diameter is 0.050 inches to match the needle. The outside diameter is 0.095 inches. The length is 0.185 inches. It is made from PTFE.

Good luck with your 150.

perhaps is this part really in my airbrush. Gravitation doesn´t couse needle falling out of the casing.

I took the mesarumentss...
I have no idea whay my first airbrush doesn´t work - I can´t make tiny lines.
It might be worn out though. There should be some resistance when you insert the needle.
It's there. If it wasn't, the needle would fall out. And, I suspect it's OK. If it was bad the airbrush wouldn't suck paint out of the cup or it would pulse when it sprayed.

As far as the fine lines, that could be several things. I don't know the history of your airbrush, but the nozzle or needle could be worn. They do wear out over time. Or, they could be damaged. If you ever tried to polish the needle, you may have changed its shape. Or, you may just need more practice. The paint might be too thick or the air pressure wrong. The 150 can use 3 different sets of nozzle, needle, and spray regulator. If you mismatch them it won't spray right. And, maybe you have some dried paint in the nozzle. Hold it up to a light and look in the large end with a magnifier. You should see shiny metal and a clean round opening.

Try practicing with something thin, like ink or food colors. That will make fine lines easier. And, maybe have a look at the Basic Stuff page on my website.

Good luck with it,