Badger 150 & Badger 180 Compressor


Double Actioner
This guy wants to sell me his AB and compressor.. I really don't want a siphon feed but it sounds like a real good deal for $120. Both items are like brand new. Anyone have any thoughts? Thinking of buying both for 120 and selling the AB for 100 and then buying the gravity feed sotar .. This 150 comes with three different nozzles.. I may like it enough just to use the bottom feed as my detail brush. I dunno
Can you see it first? The gun might be "like" brand new, but that implies it's been used, and doesn't mean it has been cleaned properly etc.
It's kinda a friend that is selling it to me.. Coworker of 7 years. He sent me this pic of it .. He doesn't seem like the kinda guy that wouldn't keep it clean.. He always keeps his vehicles clean and such.. Even if it hasn't been cleaned properly I know he only used water based paint and that's not hard to clean with some restorer.

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He said he only used it 4 times. I think that's a major exaggeration. Judging by the scratches on the bottom feed cup, looks like its been used a little more.
Well I got it. The compressor is perfect. The AB however, is very dirty and has dried paint everywhere inside.. I have no choice but to soak the thing in restorer. Hopefully it doesn't ruin any of the Teflon seals. This AB is the same retail price as my iwata. I definitely like my iwata a lot better for some reason. Oh well. I'll clean it up nice and hopefully it will make a decent gun.